Base rates for rubbish removal in Finchley

Size / Volume Weight (up to) Rate
Minimum load 100 kg £49
1/3 of the truck 500 kg £125
1/2 of the truck 700 kg £150
3/4 of the truck 950 kg £220
Full truck 1200 kg £260
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Rubbish Removal in Finchley

Rubbish collection rates for FinchleyBy booking the reliable and hard-working helpers of our company you get the most expedient rubbish removal services that you can get in the area of N2, N3, N12. We have extensive experiences in providing junk collection options and our excellent and affordable solutions are now available also for customers living in Finchley.

You can book our teams for any date or time that you prefer since we are very flexible and we are open even on bank holidays. Our friendly workers will come with a d to accommodate any kind of junk and will collect the waste from any part of your N2, N3, N12 house - garden, basement, garage, etc. Our Finchley clients can count on our punctuality and on the guarantee that we will dispose of the collected garbage responsibly. With our company you get the best rubbish removal services at the most affordable prices.

Book a vetted Finchley rubbish removal service - dial 020 8077 6161

You don't have to be a messy person to have a home that is filled with old furniture pieces which you rarely use. But houses have to be comfy and cosy. Keeping an excessive amount of unwanted items at home can negatively affect every aspect of your everyday life. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of all the things you no longer need every now and then.
You are in luck since we will gladly plan and execute your home clearance in N2, N3, N12 Finchley. We have personnel that is made up of highly motivated experts and fully equipped and serviced rubbish trucks. This is one of the reasons why we are able to organise domestic clearance in Finchley of items like rusty washing machines, ugly-looking chairs and many other types of unwanted items. We always do our best to provide our customers with high effectiveness, 100% satisfaction and competitive prices.

We have a significant experience and our vetted staff can be booked at the last minute.

House/Office/Garden/Garage clearance - we can remove all kinds of rubbish in Finchley

While you can chuck a ripped and worn-out T-shirt in your bin, you cannot do the same with a broken dishwasher, air conditioning unit or a chandelier.

But instead of holding on to such ugly monuments , you should let us take care of everything. Our clients are quite lucky since we have the ideal rubbish vehicles for junk hauling in Finchley N2, N3, N12 since they are eco-friendly, fast and quite modern. Our astonishingly skilled specialists in N2, N3, N12 have the training and experience in junk hauling and cleaning materials like paper, clothing, rubber and etc. We are ready to respond to bookings in a timely manner and our custom quotes will help you stay within your budget.

Our moderately priced teams in N2, N3, N12 can do:

  • House Clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Garage rubbish removal
  • Garden waste removal
  • All kinds of domestic rubbish removals
As the best prepared rubbish disposal Finchley based company today we are ready to help you haul all waste from your property in a dependable and safe manner. Our rubbish collection in N2, N3, N12 service is tailored with the best practices of the industry in mind, and it comes on a competitive price that is not going to lead to you parting with an arm and a leg.
Feel free to contact our knowledgeable and reliable around the clock customer support over the phone or email in order to learn more about how we can help you tackle your waste collection needs in Finchley.

More about larea and N2, N3, N12

The Great Northern Railway Line reached the area in eighteen sixty seven, the first station in Finchley was completed soon after. In nineteen o five, Finchley saw its first tram service. The tube came to Finchley in nineteen thirty three, when the announcement of electrified lines was made. Overground railway work was halted throughout World War Two, though the underground services remained operational in order to connect army barracks with central areas of London. After the war, a decent portion of the railway projects above ground were cancelled as most of Finchley fell within London's Metropolitan Green Belt.

Construction waste is not a problem for us in N2, N3, N12 - Finchley

No matter how big or small a house redecoration project is it inevitably accumulates an enormous amount of used material like cement, aggregates, raw supplies and tiles. Unfortunately, in order to witness the beauty of your newly improved home, you must think about how to have all of these materials and waste transported to a designated site. Our meticulous, experienced and hard-working staff in N2, N3, N12 will help you cross that job off of your list faster that you thought possible.

We are well-organised, certified and insured to guarantee a premium quality service and a reliable after builders rubbish removal in N2, N3, N12 Finchley. We keep our doors open on weekends and national holidays for our Finchley customers.